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For over fifty years, the Valentini family has been involved in the production of a single product: trousers. This experience has led to their being specialists in high-quality trousers. Right from the outset, this has been the company’s philosophy, and they even had the name "Mr. Trousers" as their original slogan. This care and attention to trousers starts with the selection of the finest fabrics, and then proceeds with careful expert cutting that is on the level of the finest tailoring.
The most scrupulous attention is paid to every detail in the creation of the garment. The collections are created for everyone who appreciates high-quality elegance.

This season, KENZO pays homage to nightlife as a powerful source of alternative energies against racism, sexual oppression and class violence. Clubs as exemplars of progressive communities, crucibles of self-invention.

The film “Club Ark Eternal” directed by Partel Oliva with original music by Lafawndah and BR-RR and movement direction by Ryan Heffington is a tribute to club culture at a time of tragedy: “With clubbing spaces obviously needing to be understood and protected, we tried to think of impossible alternatives. With many countries around the world entering a winter of the soul, we wanted to celebrate the kids who go out in 15°F/-2°C.”

Elegant yet contemporary, Lardini men’s collection conveys a modern and strong feeling through garments born from Italian tailoring roots. The same heritage is shared with the women's collection, defined by quality tailoring and menswear inspired volumes, fabrics and colors.

“Luigi Borrelli ” has made the history of Neapolitan tailoring . A story of people , passion and promise.

It was 1928 when Anna , with more than twenty years experience in the art of packaging tailored garments ( in her aunt’s laboratory) , inaugurated a small workshop reserved for a restricted number of connoisseurs. Much more than a shop , a place where passion met with excellence.
A place where a needle and thread entwined, weaving , gave birth to the intrigue of unique items, the heart of a story that would soon be handed down from mother to son, like any good Italian tradition. An inheritance received by the son, Luigi Borrelli, who with true passion, in 1957 founded the House of Luigi Borrelli.

The beginning of a story destined to capture throughout the world, with the charm of the quality and tailoring .

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Elect elegance, creating pure beauty

Beauty in things does not existmerely in the mind which contemplates them.

The concept of beauty is as old as man: who took it on board, declining it in such forms that are capable of transcending the material itself. It’s fashion, as with sculpture, in drawing man closer to the aesthetic of the subject, transforming designs and shapes into precious and elegant creations.

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